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Pharmacopeial Forum
Pharmacopeial Forum ( PF) is the USP journal of standards development and official compendia revision. Pharmacopeial Forum is the working document of the USP Council of Experts. It is intended to provide public portions of communications within the General Committee of Revision and public notice of proposed new and revised standards of the USP and NF and to afford opportunity for comment thereon. The organization of PF includes, but is not limited to, the following sections. Subsections occur where needed for Drugs and Pharmaceutic Ingredients (Excipients) and for Dietary Supplements.
Interim Revision Announcement (if present)— Official revisions and their effective dates, announcement of the availability of new USP Reference Standards, and announcement of assays or tests that are held in abeyance pending availability of required USP Reference Standards.
In-Process Revision— New or revised monographs or chapters that are proposed for adoption as official USP or NF standards.
Pharmacopeial Previews— Possible revisions or new monographs or chapters that are considered to be in a preliminary stage of development.
Stimuli to the Revision Process— Reports, statements, articles, or commentaries relating to compendial issues.
Nomenclature— Articles and announcements relevant to compendial nomenclature issues and listings of suggested and new United States Adopted Names (USAN) and International Nonproprietary Names (INN).
Official Reference Standards— Catalog of current lots of USP Reference Standards with ordering information and names and addresses of worldwide suppliers.