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1  Disk assembly (stainless support disk) may be obtained from Millipore Corp., Ashley Rd., Bedford, MA 01730.
2  A suitable device is the watchglass-patch-polytef mesh sandwich assembly available as the Transdermal SandwichTM from Hanson Research Corp., 9810 Variel Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311.
3  Use Dow Corning, MD7-4502 Silicone Adhesive 65% in ethyl acetate, or the equivalent.
4  Use Cuprophan, Type 150 pm, 11 ± 0.5-µm thick, an inert, porous cellulosic material, which is available from Medicell International Ltd., 239 Liverpool Road, London NI ILX, England.
5  The cylinder stirring element is available from Accurate Tool, Inc., 25 Diaz St., Stamford, CT 06907, or from VanKel Technology Group, 13000 Weston Parkway, Cary, NC 27513.
6  The materials should not sorb, react with, or interfere with the specimen being tested.
7  The reciprocating disk sample holder may be purchased from ALZA Corp., 1900 Charleston Road, P.O. Box 7210, Mt. View, CA 94039–7210 or VanKel Technology Group.